Lost Mines of Phandelver

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Northward bound
Leaving Phandalin
  • After clearing out the redbrand hideout our merry band of adventurers took Iarno into custody and handed him to Sildar
    • Sildar was shocked to learn of Iarno’s treachery
    • Sildar was troubled by stories of Orc raids on traveler and caravans to the east of Phandalin along the Tribor trail & suggested you might be able to help
  • You bumped into a local man who had an orchard in the North-eastern part of town. He was genuinely grateful that you stopped the Redbrand menace and said you must come by for some apples and pears.
    • you stopped by his orchard on the way out of town
  • you decided to see if you could find out anything at the inn where the Redbrand ruffians were known to drink
    • You met the gruff innkeeper Grist, a dwarven woman who said they didn’t stay there
    • Asking whether she knew about the Black Spider, she advised that she didn’t know anything but suggested you try asking at the Shrine of Luck
    • At the shrine you met Sister Garelle who also advised she didn’t know about the black spider, but was a member of an organisation that may- The Harpers – and said she would ask on your behalf if you would perform a quest for her
      • Sister Garelle asked if you would deliver a silver comb to a Banshee to the east who knew the location of a long forgotten tome of magic
        • You delivered the comb
        • The banshee advised that she gave it to a necromancer hundreds of years ago and did not know where it is now
      • Sister Garelle advised that the Black Spider was an Elf named Nezzar
  • After visiting Agatha the banshee you investigated a ruined tower at Old Owl well
    • At Old Owl Well you discovered a campsite and upon further investigation were surrounded by zombies
      • During your battle with the zombies a wizard dressed in red arrived.
      • The zombies were the bodyguards of the wizard
      • The wizard asked if you could attend to an issue with local Orcs.
        • You cleared the Orc cave and returned to the wizard who Gave you a healing potion
  • After returning to Phandalin you left town heading north to find the old Druid.
  • You arrived in Thundertree, a village in ruins searching for the Druid.
    • You were attacked by twig blights
    • You were attacked by giant spiders.
    • You found the old apothecary and the silver necklace
To Phandalin
They might have a horse
  • Entered Phandalin
    • town under harassment from ‘Redbrand Ruffians’
    • Mayor not doing much to help
    • Sildar kicked out mayor
    • Spoke to townsfolk. Learned:
      • A Druid up north who may know where Cragmaw Castle is
      • A tunnel into Redbrand hideout
      • Ruffians took a local Woodcarver and family captive
  • Entered hideout through tunnel shown to you by Carl
    • Killed Nothic
    • Found Talon (+1 sword)
    • Found Woodcarvers body
    • Learned Iarno is working for the Spider & Redbrands are his
    • Captured Iarno
    • Freed captives 
    • Mirna- offered heirloom in alchemy shop in Thundertree 
  • Went back to town
    • Handed Iarno to Sildar.

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